Thursday, October 2, 2014

Pierre Wardini is a relentlessly hopeful man with big dreams and is surely on the way to making them a reality.

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It is very clear that Pierre loves what he does. He mentions in one of his interviews that  ‘If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life?’ That is ‘my’ mantra!!!  When he started working in this industry, he ‘knew’ this was it!  HE LIVES, EATS and SLEEPS this job!!! Pierre mentions that “ That’s how you know that you like what you do!!!  When you don’t keep track of how many hours you work… you just do it!  You are doing it for the love of it:)”
However it seems that Pierre Wardini, the man who has “made it” in the fashion industry has a constant challenge to deal with and that is dealing with people… People of all backgrounds, all types, all ages.  He mentions that “You never know who or what you will find in a person and you need to treat people fairly and well- basically treat people the way you want to be treated. I try to never forget that, no matter how challenging a person may be (and there are always challenging people in any business).”
However triumph is his only acceptable outcome and Pierre surly enjoys reaping his rewards. The most rewarding thing about his business is when someone simply says, ‘Thank you’ to him. That’s it… just a thank you. Period. Thank you for doing a good job or when one of his models says “Thank you Paul for supporting me and helping me through this process. I’m glad you were my agent’. That really makes his day!
Pierre seems to be as determined and committed as they get. He advises the young and hopeful to not do it unless they plan on working nights, weekends, possibly holidays and having an EXTREMELY flexible schedule. Yes, it is most exciting and it can be glamorous (depending upon the area of the country where you live- you may be able to work occasionally with celebrities)… but don’t do it for that! Do it for the love of the industry! And most importantly expect little time off!
Though people might believe that it is always glamorous, some of the jobs are simply not. Sometimes he encounters unprofessionalism or promotional gigs like contests and giveaways at discount stores, etc… Not all jobs are glamorous and they don’t all pay a ton of money. Extra work also pays very little.
Nevertheless he has big dreams and ambitions to expand into the GCC market and reach out to bigger European networks.
Pierre Wardini is a relentlessly hopeful man with big dreams and is surely on the way to making them a reality.
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